8 Best Protein Foods For Muscle Gain

Having a muscular physique is a common demand for both men and women these days. Enthusiasts can do almost anything to get a perfect leanbody shape because it has nearly become a necessity to maintain a right image in our society.

The Growing Interest in BodyBuilding

Bodybuilding has become too popular for people of all ages. Most people think it is the only way to gain a perfect body shape and to some extent, it is true as well. However, bodybuilding alone cannot suffice our need for a decently muscular physique. When you ask health experts, you will learn that having a balanced and nutritious diet is equally important as exercise.

Proteins – The Basic Ingredient to Our Muscles

Although several constituents make up a nutritious diet but in this article, we will focus on proteins. These diet constituents are the most basic need for muscle growth as all our muscle tissues are made up of proteins.

We will look at some of the best protein foods that you should make part of your diet to get a muscular body at a quick pace. We have tried to present a mix of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food so that you have ample choices if you are looking to reduce meat consumption.

Chicken Breast

Ask any fitness expert and they will tell you that chicken breast is the best source of protein. The protein content in a 100-gram serving contains approximately 30g. Also, experts suggest that Chicken breast can help you gain leaner muscles in quick time.

In addition to proteins, chicken breast is also a good source of minerals and vitamins. Therefore, it is a healthy addition to your diet and one which should be included in your diet plan.

Ground Beef

A 100 gram serving of ground beef contains nearly 26% of proteins. It’s a bodybuilders’ favourite because it’s not only healthy but it has a great flavour as well. Beef is something almost everyone eats which is why it should be a part of your diet especially if you’re on a workout routine.

In addition to proteins, Beef also gives you a right amount of Iron and we suggest you use less oil in your beef to get maximum nutrition out of your dish.

Swiss Cheese

Here’s a great protein source for vegetarian food lovers. Bodybuilders almost necessarily use Swiss cheese in their diet because it contains 25% of proteins. Food experts suggest that it can cover half of your body’s protein needs and help you gain more muscle in shorter time.

In addition to protein, Swiss cheese is also a great source of calcium. One ounce of Swiss cheese is enough to suffice one-fifth of your daily recommended calcium intake.


Seafood lovers will love this protein source. 100 gram of Salmon every day can help you fulfil almost half of your body’s protein intake requirement on daily basis. If you have had enough of beef and chicken and a looking for another yummy and protein-packed meat source then Salmon should be a definite inclusion in your diet plan.

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Black Beans

Let’s talk a little bit about beans. Another non-vegetarian food and a 100-gram intake cover 44% of your daily protein requirements. Black beans are easily available in grocery stores and they can be added to almost any type of food. Therefore, they are an easy protein option that you must include in your diet plan.

Greek Yogurt

Regular yoghurt is already an excellent source of protein but Greek Yogurt has twice as much a protein content. IN addition to being a protein source, Greek Yogurt also helps fight against pro-biotic bacteria in your body. What’s important to know is that there are several types of flavoured Greek yoghurts available these days. These samples contain the amount of sugar than plain greek yogurt thrice so you should make your choice wisely.


One of the best protein sources among dairy products is the egg. One large egg contains about 6 grams of protein which is quite a decent quantity for one day. You must have seen bodybuilder eat uncooked egg yolks. It is because the raw form has the most protein content. However, we don’t suggest you eat raw eggs. Boiled, fried or scrambled, any form of egg dish will work just fine.


The last protein food that we will discuss here is milk. Milk is one of the most common protein sources in the world and regardless of you want a muscular body, milk should be a necessary part of your daily diet. In addition to proteins, it has got a bunch of minerals and vitamins that your body needs on a regular basis.

As we Leave

We just listed the best protein food for muscle lovers. The best thing about these foods is that they are easily available in local grocery stores and they can be cooked in a variety of ways. Therefore, your muscular body is just a few workouts and protein food away.

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