Steroid Myths – What You Knew Wrong

Steroids have been a debatable health supplement for years. On the one hand, where they can boost our muscles, they are also known for initiating some dangerous activities in our body. A lot of scientific research has gone into finding out the effects and side effects of steroids.

Among common people, steroids are one of the most feared supplements mainly because of different stories attached to them. In this article, we will address some of the common myths about steroids. You will be amazed to find out how misguided you might have been about steroids.

Steroids are Illegal

It’s an incomplete statement. A lot of people think that steroids are illegal because of their dangerous side effects. However, the truth is that steroids are partially illegal. The reason for that is not the dangerous side effects but the fact that a lot of these supplements are manufactured by companies who are either not approved or their products don’t pass the test.

Shrinkage of Penis Size

Men are quite concerned over this. There is a myth according to which steroids consumption either injectable or oral can cause shrinkage in the penis. However, it’s not true. One of the side effects of steroids does include testicles shrinkage, but it doesn’t do anything to your penis.

It’s Not for Women

Women are also using steroids. The problem is that people think women will start looking like men with reduced breast size and same physique. However, women athletes and bodybuilders use steroids, but there haven’t been any such cases reported. Yes, women become victim to more side effects than men do. Clitoral enlargement is one side effect found in many female steroid users.

Steroids are a Quick Solution

A lot of people think steroids can do the job for you alone. However, in reality, bodybuilders and athletes have to follow strict workout schedules and diet plans along with steroids to make the most of these supplements. A consistent sleep schedule with at least 8 hours of sleep is also essential to get the better muscular body. It’s not just the supplements that will do the job for you.

Liver Diseases

In communities that do not promote steroid usage, you will find people talking about liver diseases through steroids. Although the side effect of steroids does include liver problems that are in extreme cases mainly due to overdosage. People also prefer injectable steroids ahead of oral products just to protect their liver from steroids, but in reality, steroids don’t cause any problems to your liver if taken in a controlled manner.

Hair Loss and Baldness

Baldness is a genetic problem. Steroids are not a direct cause for baldness, but they can speed up the process. A lot of people avoid steroids because of this side effect, but there are remedies for hair loss available. Shampoos and conditioners can take care of the situation well so avoiding steroids because of hair loss is not the right thing to do.

Increased Chances of Cancer

According to medical evidence, men with higher and lower testosterone levels are equally at risk of prostate cancer. Hence these levels are not responsible for cancer. Also, Cancer is said to be a genetic problem largely. The fact that steroids are tested on animals such as rats rather than being studied in humans makes the picture unclear. If taken in a controlled manner and per doctor’s prescriptions, steroids may not have such adverse effects as people think.

What You Should Do

Now that we have unravelled a few myths about steroids, you should learn more about steroids to find out the reality. Steroids are not as harmful products as they perceived to be and if you use them under guidance, they can be quite beneficial for your physical fitness.

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