Why Steroids Banned From Sports

Steroids are the medicine used by people to gain the strength in their body. Some of the steroids are not useful for the health therefore government of different countries banned these steroids for their public. Many of the people think that steroids are the base of unmerited matches in sports. If a person who uses steroids for performance enhancing caught red handed then he will have to bear its penalty. He may be disqualified from the match. It is proved from the history of sports that many of the careers of skilled sportsmen have ended because of using illegal steroids. Illegal steroids are mostly used by the players of weight lift because they need strengthen of muscles in their challenges. Due to this illegal use of steroids, sports become unfair.

However medical checkup system of athletes become well than the last years but still doctors cannot diagnose some types of steroids in athletes. These steroids are designer steroids that have no symptoms during checkups. Illegal steroids are banned in sports because these are very dangerous for the human health. Sports women have excess hairs on their face, shrinkage of breast and heavy voice due to use of steroids while men have the problems of increase in breast and disturbance in sexual organs due to use of it. Some people suffer with really bad health due to the use of steroids. There are so many cases in the sports history that shows that steroids are not beneficial for the human health.

The excess use of steroids has many side effects on the health of a person therefore these are banned in sports. Harmful steroids may cause serious liver and heart diseases, damages reproductive system, kidney problems and endocrine. Another reason of banning of steroids in sports is unfair game. If a player that use steroids wins from the player that does not use muscle strengthen steroid then this is unfair act. The game should be played fairly and honestly. Different matches are organized to build different relationships (love, affection, friendship, care and respect) among different nations. If a player is using artificial methods to win the match then he is doing injustice with the good image of his own country. By playing an unfair game due to use of illegal steroids, a player is portraying the negative image of his beloved country in front of the world.

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The use of steroids is also a reason of discrimination between different players. This is the negative point because real talent and skills of a player may ignored due to artificial strengthen. It is one of the main reasons of banning of steroids forever in sports. Players can use steroids but with the proper examination and advice of the specialized doctors. Players who are using steroids should aware his coach or head about its use. So, they can make better decisions for the good future of their country.

Steroids are proper ban in sports because these are internationally prohibited by the health association. If a country and a person break this international law then they will have to bear the punishments and costs.  Anabolic steroids are one of the types of steroids that are ban in sports because with the use it, a person can gain his artificial muscle strength. He also has negative effect on his prosper health. A player of weight lifting get the artificial health but later his health goes down and he will also have a bad medical condition.

In spite of banning of steroids in sports, most of the players are still taking the heavy doses of steroids. They even take steroid dose through injection that causes different viral diseases. If they stop using the steroids then their performance will not up to the defined standard. Due to their bad performance, the particular country will have to bear lose. Therefore administration of the particular country should select the players according to their defined merit. Steroid problem become very common nowadays, it was rare in the series of 50’s sports. At the end we can say that steroids should be banned from the sports forever because these have negative effect on the health of the players. Steroid users should not allow entering in the national team and if a player is caught due to illegal steroids then he should be banned for playing games.



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