Working Out On Steroids – Types and How They Work

Anabolic steroids are supplements that produce hormones which are pretty much identical to natural hormones produced by man. They are derivatives of human testosterone and are vital for muscle production at a rapid pace.

In this articles, we will give you a brief introduction to steroids. We will particularly focus on how they work because most of us are cautious about their side effects and efficiency. We will see what steroids really are.

Working Out On Steroids

Types of Steroids

Steroids are mainly classified into two categories based on their method of consumption. They are:

Oral Steroids – These steroids are consumed in the form of a pill and you might have to follow the schedule for the best results.

Injectable Steroids – These steroids are consumed in the form of injections usually in the upper outer buttock region. Injectable steroids are preferred by athletes because they give quicker results. Some athletes specifically inject a particular area in the body where they need to grow muscles but it hasn’t been too effective.

Legality Matters with Steroids

Steroids are one product that needs to be used sensibly. Since they have become too popular in the UK as well as all over the world, the risk of production of doubtful steroids has also increased greatly. Several steroid products have not been approved by legal authorities because they do not adhere to standards. This is why it is important when you choose a steroid you should also check the legality of the product.

How Do Steroids Work?

It’s time we jump quickly to the actual topic at hand. We will see the science behind steroids’ working.

Muscle Tear and Repair

Usually, when we want to build more muscles and for that, we hit the gym, we go for weightlifting. Now our body is not used to lifting such weights on a regular basis. Therefore, during the process, micro-tears are created in the body tissues. Our body will then naturally repair the tears and to compensate for the loss, it adds bigger cells for stronger muscles. The phenomenon is known as muscle hypertrophy.

What‘s the Use of Steroids in Muscle Repair?

You must be wondering where steroids come into play in all this repair process. Well, the process of repair involves our body’s testosterone mainly. Steroids have the tendency to boost the repair process and here is how they do it.

Steroids at Work

As soon as you take ingest a steroid, they travel to your under repair muscle tissues through the bloodstreams. As is draws into the muscle cells through the androgen receptor, it stimulates the process of protein synthesis by interacting with your DNA. Now, this is a little too scientific for a common man to understand so to keep it simple and to the point, we can say that steroids boost up the muscle repair process in the body and promote muscles growth.

How Steroids Affect Your Body

There’s a huge discussion regarding the effectiveness and results of steroid use. Depending on steroid types, amount, and variants, there can be different results of steroids. Normally, it results in heavy muscular bodies which are preferred by bodybuilders or the results could give a much-toned body which is the requirement for athletes normally.

Model of Steroid Use

We leave you with the two modes in which steroids are normally used.


This is the process where a person uses steroids for a particular time interval i.e. 6 weeks on and 3 weeks off and the cycle continues.


This is the mode of use where a person takes different types and a variant of steroids both injectable and oral at the same time. It’s done to enhance the muscle tissues at a much quicker pace.

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